Net Control 2 version 10 is already available!

We at Net Software P.C. are happy to announce that new version of Net Control 2 is already released. With a bunch of new features and improvements we hope this version will be a reliable aid to teachers, instructors and IT administrators in their work.

Taking into account the latest trends in teaching technologies, gradual transition to one-to-one and BYOD environments, with Net Control 2 version 10 we have changed significantly the approach to the user interface on both teacher and student sides, but especially on client (student) computers. With new messaging and new “hand raising” interfaces students now have more opportunities for communication with teachers, as also teachers now are able to get more complete feedback from students.

Important changes touched the Quizzing and Polling subsystem, with new Quiz Player of Net Control 2 version 10 your tests, quizzes and polls will be more impressive and attractive. Messaging, student registering and chatting subsystems on student computers were almost rewritten from zero.

Our international customers should estimate full Unicode support for both client and teacher modules that simplifies communication with complex languages.

Improved support of multi-monitor environments, centralized licensing of teacher and student computers from Connection Server in PRO Edition, new Screenshot View, Co-Browse and Raise Hand tools, this and many other features at your disposal in this version.

All users of previous versions, who purchased Net Control 2 license within past two years, are invited to contact Net Control 2 support or your local distributor for free upgrade. Please note, your old registration keys do not work in version 10, we will provide you with new registration key.

If you are ineligible for free upgrade but have purchased the software less than 5 years ago we will be happy to provide you with 50% discount for the upgrade (in bounds of the same edition and license limits).

As always, all new purchases come with free 24 month upgrade period, free technical support, auxiliary utilities and packages (deployment MSI packages, MSI Builders, administrative templates and tools).

Important resources:
Net Control 2 version 10 screenshots:

Net Control 2 DEMO version:

Net Control 2 version 10 for registered users:

2 thoughts on “Net Control 2 version 10 is already available!”

  1. Can I set up a system in a room that does not need an internet connection.
    What I want to do is broadcast power points and screen demos.

    If I do need a internet connection does a verision 4 g mobil type connection have enough speed to view smoothly?

    1. Hi,

      thank you for your request!

      Yes, the software does not require Internet connection, but some local network is required; a simple, peer-to-peer (without domain or server) wireless or wired network would be enough.

      Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any help.

      Best regards,
      Net Control 2 Support

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