Net Control 2 version 11 build 5858

This minor update adds support of Edge browser for Net Control 2 Internet Control engine in Protocol Layer mode.

Edge (aka Project Spartan) is a new browser from Microsoft, which becomes a part of the operating system in Windows 10 and replaces Internet Explorer.

In order to use Net Control 2 web restrictions in Edge browser (as also in Chrome. Firefox, Safari and Opera)  Net Control 2 Internet Control Engine should be installed in Protocol Layer mode. This mode is used by default for all new installations.

Previous versions of Net Control 2 may use Internet Explorer Plug-in mode, so Internet restrictions work in Internet Explorer only and other browsers are automatically disabled when the restrictions are in effect. If Net Control 2 was updated to version 11 from some previous version and Internet restrictions work in Internet Explorer only and do not work in other browsers, you may need to re-install Net Control 2 Internet Control Engine as follows:

  • select student computers in the teacher console;
  • click the main menu command N – Options – Client Options;
  • on Internet tab of the appeared Client Configuration window, enable “Mode 2: Install as Protocol Layer + IE addon (recommended” option;
  • click OK. Changes will be applied after restart of student computers.


Net Control 2 version 11 is here!

Net Control 2 PRO - Registered

We are proud to release today the next major update for our award-winning classroom management software solution Net Control 2, in Standard, PRO and SmallClass editions.

With this release we are opening a new page in development of this project. Most of the program code was moved to a cross-platform framework, which makes possible building software modules for platforms other than Microsoft Windows. In the near future we are planning to present a special version of the teacher module for Macs, and some time later for iOS and Android.

New version of the teacher module for Windows uses capabilities of DirectX technology to make the presentation features more attractive and effective for teaching and learning.

Several new tools were added in version 11 and many existing tools were revised and improved.

New Quiz Constructor allows creating complex quizzes that include several sets of questions for different groups of users in one quiz. Questions may be differentiated by a complexity level or a variant number. So, the teacher can send one quiz to all students, but each group of students will work with its own set of questions, depending on the assigned to the group variant, or the complexity level.

New version of Quiz Constructor simplifies the way of questions creation: all questions may be edited in one table view, all at once, instead of designing each question individually as it was in previous versions. With the current model you can prepare your quiz 2-3 times faster. In addition, now you can also import questions and answers from an (Excel) CSV or text file, or export them to CSV and HTML file formats.

Net Control 2 version 11 includes a new completely redesigned whiteboard tool. Drawn lines and shapes now are represented as objects, and may be easily moved, scaled, rotated or transformed. Now you can easily insert text, graphic files and objects from other programs, capture screen and use it as the board background. We have optimized whiteboard tool for transparent synchronization with new users: even if some students join a whiteboard session after it has begun, they still will see the same picture as other students that were connected to the teacher initially.

Actions performed in Whiteboard session may be stored in special files, and used for further replay on teacher or student computers.

In version 11 we are happy to introduce also new Grades tool. Now teachers can grade students for complete quizzes, correct and incorrect poll results, or for any other event. Grades with optional comments may be shown on student computers, stored, exported or printed.

With the new Planner tool teachers can create and manage lesson plans as a timed set of events or tasks. In the process of the lesson the planner will display in the teacher console, according to the schedule, comments for the teacher, run macros and commands, open tools, helping the teacher to concentrate attention on the lesson details.

Internet restrictions will work now in all major browsers by default. The list of supported browsers includes Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Custom browsers may be added by request.

In version 11 we added a new way of sending files from student computers to teachers. Now Net Control 2 maintains a special exchange folder (by default it is placed in Net Control 2 Common Files\AutoCollect folder on user’s Desktop). Any file copied, saved or changed in this folder will be automatically synchronized with connected teacher computers, and display a notification on them.

Administrators that use Net Control 2 Professional Edition in Windows domain environment with Active Directory services enabled will notice a far better integration of Connection Server authentication services with Active Directory database. Teachers now may be authenticated on Connection Server with their Windows logins or by their membership in a user group. For example, enabling access in Connection Server Management Console to the server for some Windows user group “teachers” or “administrators” will make it possible that all domain user accounts that belong to this user group will be automatically authenticated.

Net Control 2 version 11 includes many other minor improvements, not covered by this document. The more detailed description of major changes is provided in the following article:

The latest version of the software and the respective documentation you can always download in the download sections of our website:

The upgrade policies are available at: To upgrade the software free of charge or to obtain the upgrade discount, please contact us directly at or contact the reseller where you have purchased the previous version of the software.

2nd July 2015, Net Software P.C.

Net Control 2 version 11.0. Detailed “what’s new” log

This document contains the detailed What’s New log for Net Control 2 version 11.0. The document includes only major improvements.

Version 11.0

[Updated] Remote Desktop Viewer:

  • faster loading;
  • better quality of picture in stretched mode;
  • updated full screen mode;
  • remote clipboard operations are enabled by default.

[Updated] PRO Edition can use Windows logins for authentication teachers on Connection Server.

Net Control 2 PRO Edition can use Active Directory database to authenticate teachers on Connection Server by Windows login or a domain user group. For example, if all teachers of an organization belong to one AD user group (e.g. “teachers”), adding this user group to the teachers list in Connection Server Management Console, will enable access of all teachers of the domain to the teacher console at once.

[Updated] Gallery tool:

  • quick control mode: instructors are able to control student computers with mouse and keyboard just by clicking thumbnails in Gallery tool;
  • full screen mode;
  • quick switching between computers;

[Improved] Internet Restrictions tool:

the software uses the updated Internet Restrictions engine that makes possible controlling all Internet browsers (combined IE Plugin and Protocol Layer Mode);

[Improved] Co-Play

Co-Play tool can copy files to students before playing them on student computers;

[New] New, completely redesigned Whiteboard tool:

  • teachers can edit drawn objects (figures), move them on the canvas;
  • add text to each object;
  • in one click add graphic objects from the library;
  • in one click add mathematic symbols from the library;
  • teacher can join students to a Whiteboard session after the session has began, new students will see the same Whiteboard canvas as others;
  • teacher can easily insert graphic files to the Whiteboard, a screenshot of desktop, change backgrounds, paste files from Clipboard;
  • add shadow effects, rotate and resize objects in a click;
  • record actions to a file for further playback;
  • replay Whiteboard files;
  • use color palette of 16mln colors and transparency effects;
  • Whiteboard may be shown on student computers in full-screen mode.

[New] Grades tool:

  • give grades to students as various graphic objects (stars, flags, smiles etc.) or text (A, B, C, 1, 2, 3 etc.);
  • add text comments to each grade;
  • ability to keep multiple grades for each student;
  • send grades to individual or all students, the grades with teacher comments will be displayed in the Student Console;
  • save or print the grade table;
  • grades are automatically stored in current Journal;

[New] Planner:

create lesson plans as a timed set of events or tasks: in the process of lesson the Planner, according to the schedule, will display comments, run standard tools and commands or execute a recorded earlier macro command.

[Improved] Completely re-designed Quiz Constructor:

  • teachers now can faster create quizzes that consist of simple questions: new table view makes possible add and edit multiple questions at a time;
  • updated custom layout editor;
  • teachers can link quizzes with multimedia files and web-resources;
  • quiz questions may be expored to HTML or CSV file for editing or processing with external programs;
  • quiz questions and answers may be imported from CSV files (Excel, OpenOffice);
  • support of “variants” and “complexity levels”: teachers can provide multiple sets of questions in one quiz (the class may be divided to several groups so each group is assigned with its own set of questions (variant) and/or with complexity level.

[New] Teacher can send files to students just by dragging them to the teacher console.

[New] Automatic collecting files from students.

Net Control 2 can monitor a special exchange folder, so any files saved or copied to this folder on student computers will be copied to teacher computers too. The teacher console includes new Received Files tool for easy management of collected files. The teacher can block receiving files from certain students, limit the file size, send files back to students after correction.

[Updated] Updated User Interface. No flickering of thumbnails.