Net Control 2 version 10.1 released

September 11, 2013

Net Control 2 version 10.1 released

Today we are happy to announce next update for our classroom management products Net Control 2 Classroom, Net Control 2 PRO and Net Control 2 SmallClass.

In this version you will find the following changes:

Leader groups (except for SmallClass Edition). Teacher can join several users to a student group, transferring a part of teacher privileges to some leader of the group, the leader can chat with other students of a group with text or voice chat, broadcast his/her screen to others, broadcast any user’s screen to others, control and monitor computers of the student group, use Whiteboard and Send/Collect Files tools (depending on permissions given to the leader by the teacher).

Direct broadcast mode, for complex environments where UDP Broadcast and Multicast protocols don’t work. (The mode is disabled by default, should be enabled in the teacher console settings).

Conference mode for Speech tool, enables a voice chat between teacher and several students at a time, so everyone can hear others (the default mode assumes bi-directional voice chat, i.e. only teacher can hear all students, other students can hear only teacher voice). The conference mode is disabled by default, should be enabled in the teacher console settings.

– Speech tool supports hi-quality sounds by default. Low-quality mode may be enabled to increase performance.

Quick Question tool draws charts upon poll completion.

– Quiz tool: teacher can pause time restricted quizzes.

– Quiz tool: teacher can add time for time restricted quizzes.

– Quiz tool: teacher can suspend quizzes, the quiz state will be stored on student computers and the teacher will be able to restore the suspended quiz and continue testing at any other time.

– Quiz tool: teacher can enable random order for questions of a quiz (before the quiz is started).

– Quiz tool: teacher can allow displaying a detailed results table on test completion. Students can see correct answers with detailed description of earned and available points for each question.

Customizable pop-up panel is displayed on teacher computers when the teacher console is minimized to the task bar. Teachers can execute commands without opening of the teacher console.

– Co-play tool supports shared network folders that are accessible only on a user level (and are inaccessible for system services, for example).

– Desktop Recorder Player supports DRR format of previous versions (9)

– Arabic language support for user interface.

– Unicode support for profiles, workspace, configuration files


PRO Edition: support of reference text files for group contents. The reference file is an external text file that contains a list of Computers, Student IDs or IP addresses forming the group. The file content may be dynamic, i.e. Connection Server reads content of the file (and form groups respectively) at a time of the server startup.

Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Downloads are available through the download section of our website:

Download links delivered to our registered customers for version 10 are valid for this update.