Net Control 2 version 11.02

This update includes several improvements for Net Control 2 Broadcast Desktop and Remote Desktop engines.

Now it is possible to enable the “lossless compression algorithms” mode, when an image will be compressed and sent to viewers with exactly the same color depth and quality as it was captured on the sender’s party. This makes possible to avoid lossy compression artefacts: color fading and a color “noise” around text and high-contrast elements. On another hand, lossless compression requires a wider network bandwidth and low latency networks, therefore it is disabled by default.

To enable the lossless compression, you need to modify settings on the sender’s party: i.e. on the teacher computer for Broadcast Desktop tool, and on student computers for Remote Desktop tool. To enable the option on a teacher computer, in the teacher console click the main menu command N – Options – Options. On Control/Broadcast page enable “Lossless (bet. quality lower performance” option and click OK. To enable this option on student computers: select student computers in the teacher console, then click the main menu command N – Options – Client Options. On Control/Broadcast page enable “Lossless compression” option and click OK.

Net Control 2 Version 11.02 also includes several improvements for the automatic broadcast protocol mode introduced in version 11.01 in the part of the performance and stability.

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Net Control 2 version 11.01

Net Control 2 version 11.01 is available for download on our website

This minor update includes several improvements for Broadcast Desktop and Remote Wake-up features, as also for the remote update procedure in Net Control 2 Professional Edition over Connection Server Management Console.


Broadcast Desktop now uses an improved internal protocol of data transmission, which should recognize supported by the network infrastructure network protocols, and adjust broadcast settings automatically. So for the most situations no additional configuration for Broadcast Desktop tool will be required.

Please note, this new protocol is not compatible with old versions of Broadcast Desktop clients. Therefore, to use Broadcast Desktop features all your computers and devices must be updated to version 11.01.

Wake-up command uses settings of Broadcast Desktop tool for forwarding the signal to other subnetworks. In many cases this makes possible to wake up computers that are located in other subnetworks/VLANs, if broadcast addresses of these subnetworks are entered in Broadcast Desktop settings.

Thumbnails in the connection list of the teacher module now have special boxes/buttons for easy selection of multiple connections on keyboardless devices like tablets.

For PRO Edition: the teacher module updates downloaded from Connection Server are installed automatically without elevated privileges prompt. Earlier, when an update was downloaded to a teacher computer, the teacher console has displayed a prompt to update the software, the teacher could accept or forbid the update procedure. If the update was allowed, the teacher  was required to have administrative privileges or to enter administrator credentials in order to continue the update. Now the administrative privileges or credentials are not required, the update will be done automatically.