Net Control 2 version 10.2

May 22, 2014

Net Control 2 version 10.2 (Build

1. New version of Internet Restrictions Protocol Layer mode engine.

New version of Protocol Layer mode of Internet Control Engine provides better compatibility with third party applications, server services and system software, supports Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

By default Net Control 2 uses Internet Explorer plug-in mode of Internet Control Engine, which allows applying Internet restrictions in Internet Explorer only. To prevent access to blocked web-sites through alternative browsers, like Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari Net Control 2 blocks these applications on student computers while restrictions are applied.

Enabling Protocol Layer mode makes possible to expand restrictions to all modern browsers, including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari and Netscape, without necessity of blocking them. This means that students can use Chrome or Firefox in their work with restricted access to undesirable content and web-sites. As an additional feature, in this mode Net Control 2 provides also a simple way to prevent access of any other applications to particular network ports or services.

Please note, Net Control 2 version 10.2 still uses old Internet Explorer plug-in mode by default, and in order to use Protocol Layer mode you need to enable it in the process of installation or, if the software is already installed, remotely from the teacher module.

You also need to re-install the mode if a previous version of Protocol Layer Mode was used on student computers.

To enable the mode in the process of installation:

  • installing the software with standard executable (.exe) installation package, use “Advanced Installation” mode on Setup Type step of the installation process;
  • on Select Components page enable “Internet Control Components: Protocol Layer Mode” option and continue with installation.

If the software is already installed, to enable or re-install the mode:

  • select student computers in the teacher console;
  • click the main menu command N – Options – Client Options;
  • on Internet page of the appeared Net Control 2 Client Configuration window enable “Install as Protocol Layer” option;
  • click OK. Changes will be applied after restart of computer.

2. Support of clipboard operations in Control mode

Now Net Control 2 supports clipboard operations in Remote Desktop Viewer (Control command of the top toolbar of the teacher console). These operations include exchanging of text fragments copied to Clipboard between controlled and controlling machines. Only text format is supported currently, clipboard operations will not work in mobile clients (for iOS, Android, Mac OS).

For better compatibility with previous versions of Net Control 2, to avoid conflicts between old and new versions Clipboard operations are disabled by default, in order to enable them:

  • open Control session with any student computer;
  • in the appeared Remote Desktop Viewer window on the teacher machine enable (check) “Enable Remote Clipboard” menu command of Tools menu.

3. Browser View mode for Broadcast Desktop tool.

New Browser View mode may be enabled for Broadcast Desktop tool. When this mode is enabled a picture of the teacher desktop will be available for viewing in any Internet browser connected to the teacher network, and when Broadcast Desktop session is active. This makes possible to expand significantly number of devices where the teacher desktop may be shown in the process of broadcasting.

To enable this mode on the teacher computer:

in the teacher console click the main menu command N – Options – Options;

on Control/Broadcast page enable “Browser View” option;

when it is necessary, correct a default network port for the service in the Browser View Port field;

click OK.

On student computers to get a picture from the teacher computer, in a browser’s address field type:


where computer – is an IP address or DNS name of the teacher computer; 1080 – is a Browser View Port, as was set on Control /Broadcast page of the teacher module Options as described above (1080 by default).

4. Better performance of Broadcast Desktop and Remote Desktop tools in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

Version 10.2 includes new Video Hook Driver for Windows 8 and 8.1, which improves performance of Broadcast Desktop and Remote Desktop tools in these operating systems.


Version 10.2 includes also numerous other minor improvements and bug fixes.