Version 24.0 for Windows

What’s new in the version 24.0

We are happy to announce today that a major update for Net Control ² Classroom, Net Control ² SmallClass and Net Control ² Professional for Windows, the version 24.0 is already available for download.

This update introduces significant changes in the internal structure of the student module, which will provide better compatibility with user mode settings and applications. The update is more focused on improving the usability of existing tools and features, tuning of the user interface details and constructing a base for further products development.

The new version includes the following changes:

Redesigned the Student Console:

  • Docked and Windowed modes. The Docked (classic) mode shows the console as a docked to the right side of the screen window. In the Windowed mode, the console is shown as a standard window on Desktop, which can be resized, minimized, restored by clicking the taskbar icon and so on. The windowed mode is more adapted for simultaneous work of students with the Student Console and other applications, and provides faster and more flexible access to Net Control 2 Student Console’s features.
  • Student Console displays information in a smarter way, adapting content to the screen and console dimensions.
  • Student Console’s blocks are redesigned to be more compact and informative.
  • New information blocks are available in the Student Console: license information, more detailed lesson information, connection time, detailed system and network information on the About page.

The file collection subsystem has been completely redesigned, allowing students to send files to teachers. Students can send files to teachers just by dragging them onto the Files panel of the Student Console. The classic AutoSend folder is also available.

The feature supports two modes: the simpler send-and-delete mode assumes that files placed to the folder will be sent and subsequently deleted from the folder; and the more sophisticated Keep and Synchronize mode keeps all files on the student computer with providing the necessary versioning.

The student module runs now under a user account, when a user is logged in in the system. This provides better compatibility and interoperability with other user-level applications, system settings and eliminates known restrictions of the system account.

The automatic update subsystem was completely redesigned for more frequent and transparent updates.

This update address also several improvements in the sound subsystem, which is used by different tools in the software, including lesser latency of the captured audio and support of the system audio capture in the Remote Desktop / Control tool.