The better licensing conditions offer

We are always interested and strive to offer our customers the most competitive pricing and licensing conditions, from the offers available on the market. We believe our prices are the most competitive for comparable products. Nevertheless, we are pleased to announce the following offer:

– if you find a third-party, commercial, non open-source software product, which has comparable functionality and features list (has not less than 70% of features that are available in Net Control 2 products, as described <here>), (“competitive product”), which costs less than a corresponding license of Net Control 2 product, we will be happy to provide you with a special price for such license of Net Control 2 product that will be calculated as the price of the competitive product minus 10%;

– if you find a competitive product (as described above), which price differs from a price of the corresponding Net Control 2 license and product for not more than 50% and provides a longer free upgrade period, we will be happy to extend the free upgrade period for Net Control 2 license to the term of the free upgrade period of the competitive product plus 6 months.

The offer is available for new purchases only, orders should be placed through our online store, for availability of this offer for purchases through our authorized resellers please contact us additionally. The price of a competitive product should be meant as the original, regular retail price, not an upgrade, for example.

June 4, 2014