Net Control 2 PRO Mobile Client for iOS version 11.2 is already in AppStore

We are happy to announce that we just published today an updated version of our iOS Mobile Client for Net Control 2 Professional Edition, and the latest version 11.2 is already available in Apple AppStore.

This version was redesigned to support the new and updated features introduced in desktop versions of Net Control 2 version 11.xx, including the latest protocols of Broadcast Desktop tool, new Virtual Whiteboard, Grades tools and others.

With Net Control 2 PRO Mobile Client students can connect Connection Server as ordinary “desktop” student modules, in the same way assigned to some group, depending on Connection Server group settings, and will be visible in the teacher console of a teacher that opens this group.

The same as with desktop student module, Mobile Client users can use self-registration feature, and choose a teacher from a list of available in the network teachers and connect to them automatically.


Net Control 2 PRO Mobile Client supports:

  • Broadcast Desktop Viewer features – a teacher can share his/her screen of the teacher computer with students that use Net Control 2 Mobile Clients, the teacher’s desktop will be visible on iOS devices in a realtime showing all actions performed on the teacher computer;
  • Full screen text and graphic messages;
  • Polls;
  • Interactive quizzes, including new quiz formats introduced in version 11;
  • Participate in chats initiated by a teacher;
  • Send help requests to teachers;
  • Raise hand virtually and get notifications when a teacher has called the student on;
  • Use virtual whiteboard;
  • Fill in student registration forms sent by a teacher;

and other features.

Net Control 2 PRO Mobile Client for iOS you can download here:

Updates for other platforms and editions are coming soon…