Net Control 2 Student Module for MacOS

January 28, 2014

Net Control 2 Student Module for MacOS

We at Net Software P.C. are happy to announce Net Control 2 Student Module for MacOS.

This classroom management software is based on Net Control 2 Mobile Client platform ( , available in Standard and PRO Editions and provides access to the following features:

Currently the mobile client supports the following features:

  • Broadcast Desktop Viewer – view image of a teacher computer desktop, when the teacher is broadcasting his/her desktop to students;
  • participate in polls and quizzes;
  • “raise hand” virtually;
  • send help requests to a teacher;
  • receive messages and notifications from a teacher;
  • chat with a teacher (by teacher’s request);
  • see the class whiteboard;
  • connect a selected teacher module by an IP address or a DNS name (for Standard Edition);
  • connect a teacher from the list of available teachers (self-registration), for PRO Edition.
  • get lesson information from connected teacher module;

Teacher components and Connection Server software (for PRO Edition) should be installed on Microsoft Windows-based computers separately.

The classroom management software modules are provided as .DMG packages for manual installation.

This mobile client is provided for free, but requires a respective student license on the teacher module or Connection Server computer.

For actual information, download links, hardware and compatibility notes please refer to the home page of the product: .

Net Software P.C.