Mac OS X Catalina and Net Control 2

(Updated) Net Control 2 Classroom and PRO version 20 already support macOS Catalina 10.15

Today, October 8th, 2019 Apple has released the next update for their operating system for desktop platforms Mac OS X 10.15 also known as “Catalina”. Among other great features, this version requires 64 bit support for all applications in the system. Despite Net Control 2 software just does not use large memory volumes and is optimized for the 32 bit model, with Catalina the presence of 64 bit versions of the software in a package is a mandatory requirement.

We are in the process of developing of the next major upgrade for Net Control 2 that will include full support of 64 bits for OS X, but meantime, please note, currently Net Control 2 Classroom and PRO for Mac OS X may not support OS X 10.15 Catalina. The preferred version is OS X 10.13 High Sierra.

Net Control 2 version 12.13

Based on a feedback from our customers, we are introducing with this minor update several improvements for Broadcast Desktop tool to make work with this tool even simpler and effective.

  1. Now an Instructor or User who broadcasts his/her screen to other users, can enable a special Control Mode. When the mode is enabled, all users that are watching the presentation can participate in it and interact with the Instructor’s (or a broadcast source) screen remotely, using a keyboard and mouse.
  2. In addition to the Control Mode, Instructors now can dynamically switch Broadcast Desktop Viewer window on user computers between the full-screen and windowed mode. This may be helpful, for example, for scenarios when a teacher explains some material first and then allows students to make some tasks on their computers not interrupting the broadcast desktop presentation.

This update also includes several other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Net Control 2 version 12.10

Net Control 2 Classroom, SmallClass and PRO for Windows are updated to version 12.10. This update includes several UI improvements and bug fixes in part of work with non-default workspaces; sorting groups in the groups list; significant improvements for the multi display environment and the appearance on a secondary screen.

This version introduces a new engine for automatic updates that should allow more smooth and effective update to newer versions. Beginning from the version 12.10, all minor and build updates will be automatically downloaded and installed, when allowed by the software settings.

Net Control 2 PRO supports setting up a custom domain for Active Directory authentication.

This version includes other bug fixes and minor improvements.

Net Control 2 version 12.05

Today we have published another minor update for Net Control 2 Classroom, Net Control 2 SmallClass and Net Control 2 PRO for Windows. This version provides improved support for remote logon operations in Windows 8 and 10. Now it is compatible with non standard logon screens and offers reliable logon procedure for logging in students remotely from the teacher’s seat. This version also fixes a couple of minor bugs and issues found in the code since the last update.


Net Control 2 PRO: The Student Module for OS X.

In addition to the Student Module for OS X for Net Control 2 Classroom (Standard Edition) released recently, we are happy to offer today the same product for Professional Edition (Net Control 2 PRO).

The Student Module for OS X for Professional Edition significantly extends features of Mobile Clients for OS X and is compatible with Connection Server version 12.

With the Student Module for OS X teachers can share their screen with students or a screen of any student with others, help students remotely using Remote Desktop features, apply Internet and Program restrictions, use various communication and teaching features, including polls, quizzes, messages, the virtual whiteboard and many other features. The full list of the supported features and other information, related to the new product you can find in the Student Module for OS X User Guide:

The Student Module for Mac OS X is already available for all registered users of Net Control 2 Classroom and PRO version 12.xx in the Customer Area account, the “Downloads” section.

Net Control 2 Classroom: The Student Module for Mac OS X

We are pleased to present today a new product in the line of the classroom management software solutions Net Control 2 Classroom, a user module for the Apple Mac OS X platform.

The new product greatly expands capabilities of Net Control 2 Mobile Client used on this platform previously, and, being specially designed for OS X, it provides a significantly more effective way for teaching, monitoring and co-working in classrooms equipped with Apple’s Mac computers, which use OS X operating system.

The Mac OS X user module is compatible with OS X versions 10.9 – 10.13 (Mavericks – High Sierra), and can be used on any hardware that is compatible with these operating systems.

Currently, the student module is available only in English, localization of the user interface into other languages ​​is planned in the near future. The Student Module for OS X can work with the teacher modules running on OS X or Windows.

The list of supported features includes Broadcast Desktop tool (both sharing the student’s screen with others and displaying the shared teacher screen), Control/Remote Desktop tool, Internet and program restrictions, messages, polls, quizzes, rewards and grades, the Whiteboard, playback of Desktop Recorder records and other features. The full list of the supported features and other information, related to the new product you can find in the Student Module for OS X User Guide:

The Student Module for Mac OS X is already available for all registered users of Net Control 2 Classroom version 12 in the Downloads section of your Customer Area account.

Minor update: Net Control 2 Classroom, PRO and SmallClass version 12.02

We are publishing today a minor update for Net Control 2 software in Classroom, Professional and SmallClass editions for Windows, which introduces several improvements in the user interface to make classroom management even simpler and easier. Version 12.02 is already available for download in your Customer Area account. Trial and evaluation versions are available as well.


The change log:

Improvements in the User Inteface: thumbnail positions in the free layout mode may be locked to prevent accidental moving on the workspace surface; thumbnails may be moved to front or background for better handing overlapped thumbnails. The thumbnail toolbar (that appears at right hand of the selected thumbnail) behavior was changed, the thumbnail may be disabled in the teacher module settings (N – Options – Optios; Interface page; “Show selected thumbnail toolbar”). Other minor GUI improvements.

Improvements in the file transfer subsystem, sending large files to student computers should be faster and will require less system resources.

Other minor improvements and bug fixes.


Broadcast a desktop image with the system audio in Net Control 2 version 12.01

Today we are publishing a next minor update for Net Control 2 Classroom, PRO and SmallClass version 12. Version 12.01 is already available for download!

The primary improvement of this version is the ability to broadcast a desktop image of a teacher or one of student computers together with the simultaneous audio playback of the system sound, i.e. the sound that is playing at this moment on the broadcasting computer.

This feature makes possible to broadcast video- and multimedia presentations that include audio, making the process of the broadcast and playback more complete and effective.

To turn on the system audio broadcast, within the Broadcast Desktop session, just click the “System sound” button on the Broadcast Desktop toolbar:


Our multiple international customers may estimate another improvement for Net Control 2 Professional Edition. It now provides full support  for non-ANSI (non-Latin) characters in group names. Do not limit your fantasy in naming your groups anymore!

This update includes several other minor improvements and bug fixes for issues found since the last release.